Public Education

Public education is a pillar of our democracy. I believe that Texas needs to revamp how we fund our school districts. I’d also work toward legislation that ends the focus on standardized testing, which costs the state some $90 million to administer annually. I think that it’s also vital that the state starts paying its fair share again. Their failure to pay a fair share of public education costs has, in part, been responsible for the increasing property tax burden on citizens. If we want to keep our public education system high quality, then we must commit to adequate funding.


Healthcare needs to be affordable for all Texans. Lack of adequate healthcare is not only a moral issue, it’s an economic issue. I would support legislation that turns the focus to improving coverage for preventative care and increases health educationwhich would ultimately save the state, and citizens, from covering higher costs of emergency room visits and serious illness.  I would be in support of is expanding MedicaidI also want to work with physicians to figure out how to reduce our maternal mortality rate. My district is not immune to the dangers of unaffordable healthcare coverage. 

Gun Safety

It’s time that the Texas Legislator does some bipartisan work and we can start with Gun Safety Laws. I support legislation that enacts universal criminal and mental health background checks as well as closing the ‘boyfriend loophole.’


Our environment should be one of our top concerns. Years ago, in Blue Ridge, we had an oil spill that ruined the environment and wildlife in the surrounding areas. We can do better than this. We need to make sure that Texas remains and slingshots itself as a leader in Solar and Wind energy and find ways to accelerate plastic recycling.