Meet Angie

Angie pledges to respect and represent every member of District 70.

Holding numerous leadership roles and spending countless hours volunteering in her community has afforded Angie the opportunity to fight for families whose voices often go unheard. As a fierce advocate of marginalized groups who have long been ignored or ostracized, she understands that everyone has a need to be heard, respected and valued.  Angie is committed to an open door policy where she will be available to meet and dialogue with citizens.

Angie’s work in the non-profit sector has given her insight into how poverty affects our community.

It drives her to work toward solutions such as the Sack Summer Hunger program, which Community Lifeline Center will implement in the summer of 2020.

Angie has spent her life as a tireless champion for public education and will work to ensure that Texas provides the opportunity for all children to experience a high quality education, preparing future generations for an ever-changing market place.

The daughter of a pastor, Angie grew up in a rural dairy farming community in Pennsylvania, where she was taught the value of faith, family and hard work.

These principles continue to be guiding principles of her life.

Growing up poor, Angie Bado feels that access to an excellent public education was the foundation of her pathway to success.

A former teacher, she knows the difficulties that educators face as legislation continues to make their job more challenging. As president of various campus PTA’s through the years, she saw first hand how the gaps in state funding can affect the success of students and teachers alike.

Her legacy of educational empowerment is proudly being carried on by her sons, Matthew and Colin, who are educators employed by McKinney ISD.

“I’m running to help bridge the divide that we’re currently experiencing.”
– Angie Bado

“I think it’s time we send a message to Austin to let them know we aren’t being heard.”
– Angie Bado

“Together, we can accomplish more than any person individually.”
– Angie Bado