“Texas is on the path to becoming the most populous state in the nation. An expected influx of 10 million more residents by 2036 will bring many challenges. I’m running to put partisanship aside, and work together to tackle funding for public education, healthcare, jobs and the economy.”

– Angie Bado

“It’s time to put the
people of District 70 first”

Angie has tirelessly fought
for our families. Now it’s time
for us to fight for HER!

Meet Angie

‘For years, Angie has invested in our community as a business woman, a leader and a volunteer. She understands how government can and should work for the people, which is why I’m endorsing her for Texas House D70.’ – George Fuller, Mayor of McKinney



For the past 4 years, Angie served as president of Community Lifeline Center’s (CLC) Board of Directors.

Angie cares about the future of our children. She will champion public education and will fight to combat climate change.
'I think it’s time we send a message to Austin to let them know we aren’t being heard.' - Angie Bado

‘I think it’s time we send a message to Austin to let them know we aren’t being heard.’ – Angie Bado

‘As your representative, I will listen to you, the people, because every voice matters.’ – Angie Bado

'I support Angie Bado for TX House District 70 because she understands the issues that are important to my family and me, and her actions show that she knows how to get things done.' - Dr. Elizabeth Strand Cimini

Angie is running to help bridge the divide that we’re currently experiencing.

Angie’s Priorities for Texas

The State of Texas has made a commitment to ensure every child has access to a free and equitable public education system. That commitment has been under attack as the threat of using public money for private and parochial schools through vouchers seeks to privatize public education and widen the divide between the wealthy and the poor.

For far too long, the burden of funding public education has been shifted from the state to individual Texans. Although Senate Bill 3 brought some reform to education funding, in reality, it did little to ensure a continued commitment to funding public education and most educators saw little, if any, of the promised $5000 raise. Too much emphasis has been placed on the outcomes of standardized testing as a measure of the success of students, teachers and school districts. Overuse and over-reliance on testing has created a false narrative that our public schools are failing, putting them at risk of further attempts to privatize public education. I believe in providing greater resources and equal opportunity in order for all children to be successful. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

I think that it’s also vital that the state starts paying its fair share again. Their failure to pay a fair share of public education costs has, in part, been responsible for the increasing property tax burden on citizens. If we want to keep our public education system high quality, then we must commit to adequate funding.

  • End the focus on standardized testing
  • Invest in early childhood education
  • Work to ensure that adequate funding is provided to schools so that school districts can plan for the future
  • Make certain that the needs of economically disadvantaged children are understood and work toward solutions to meet those needs

Healthcare needs to be affordable for all Texans. Lack of adequate healthcare is not only a moral issue, it’s an economic issue.

I would support legislation that turns the focus to improving coverage for preventative care and increases health educationwhich would ultimately save the state, and citizens, from covering higher costs of emergency room visits and serious illness.  I would be in support of expanding MedicaidI also want to work with physicians to figure out how to reduce our maternal mortality rate.

My district is not immune to the dangers of unaffordable healthcare coverage. 

It’s time that the Texas Legislator does some bipartisan work and we can start with Gun Safety Laws.

More than half of all Texans support stricter gun regulations and 81 percent say they would support requiring background checks for all gun purchases.

I support legislation that enacts universal criminal and mental health background checks as well as closing the ‘boyfriend loophole.’

Our environment should be one of our top concerns.

We must find ways to balance the preservation of our natural resources with the expansion of our population and economic growth. Texas’ exploding population places increasing demands on water availability and congestion heightens the challenge of emissions, impacting air pollution. Our future success depends on Texas becoming a leader in green energy.

Years ago, in Blue Ridge, we had an oil spill that ruined the environment and wildlife in the surrounding areas. We can do better than this. We need to make sure that Texas slingshots itself as a leader in solar and wind energy and find ways to accelerate plastic recycling.

Texas is well on its way to becoming the most populous state in the nation, anticipating another 10 million residents by 2036. Commuters already spend 54 hours a year on the roads, contributing to lost time, increased CO2 emissions and negatively impacting productivity, and air quality.

We are nearing a crisis mode with regard to traffic congestion. State road capacity is already behind the need, while the funding gap continues to grow.

It’s time to seek alternative funding sources and plan for mass transit to meet the future needs of the citizens of Texas. There is no time to waste!

As a small business owner, I’ve experienced firsthand the struggles that small businesses often deal with and I’ll support policies that foster entrepreneurship and innovation. I’ll work to remove barriers to starting a business and seek ways that we can reinvest in small business. Enterprising businesses create jobs and wealth, contributing to tax revenue and healthy communities.

Texas has long been proud of its pro-business stance and has become the 10th largest economy in the world. Texas produces 40% of America’s oil and ranks #1 in wind power-production, and 5th in wine production. Everything is bigger and better in Texas and we have been fortunate to enjoy a prosperous economy in recent years.

But COVID-19 has forced businesses to close or reduce their workforce, causing nearly 3.5 million Texans to file unemployment claims. For many small business owners, the impact of COVID has been catastrophic. The state’s reliance on revenue from oil and gas has demonstrated the need to continue to diversify and encourage investment in renewable energy, creating jobs as Texas continues to be a world leader in the energy market.

While legislators in Austin must deal with the fallout for COVID, it’s imperative that state leaders think about long-term plans and preparing for the future. Texas is expected to add 10 million residents by 2036 and in order to continue its economic prosperity, the state will need to address major challenges that are sure to come with a burgeoning population.  Texas will need to create 8 million jobs to meet the demands of the market place and 70% of workers will need a degree or certificate of higher learning. If business is to thrive, Texas must have a vibrant, educated workforce.

Companies and workers demand a high quality of life, which includes excellent public schools, access to public transportation and an anti-discriminatory work environment. According to the renowned Texas economist Dr. Ray Perryman, passing a nondiscrimination act in 2021 would lead to a nearly $20 billion increase in annual gross product and generate $1.2 billion in tax revenue to the state by 2025.

I will work to ensure that our public schools have the resources needed to provide a high quality education to students. I will seek solutions to address the lack of public transportation and wholeheartedly support passing an anti-discrimination act during the 2021 legislative session.

In his book, “Good to Great,” Jim Collins said, “good is the enemy of great.” Business, for many, is good, but don’t we Texans deserve great? Working together, we can ensure a “great” economy for all Texans.

I am so very proud of my dear friend Angie Bado. Angie is running for Texas State Representative, District 70. Although she doesn’t live in Oregon anymore (she was my next door neighbor), I know her love for her family, her desire to serve her Community and her willingness to listen and be an effective advocate. As my neighbor in Oregon, Angie volunteered much her time to our local Community and Schools…wanting to improve programs or funding or whatever the needs were.

She is the real deal!

I believe in her leadership, I believe in her capacity to be caring and honest, I believe in her integrity and sincerity to serve you. I envy the people in Texas District 70, I wish we had a Representative who is honest, intelligent, compassionate and selfless about serving her District and State.
No matter what State you live in…Get Out and Vote! And if you are lucky enough to live in Texas District 70…Vote for Angie Bado!

Debbie Mahoe Wilkins